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How are the November 2015 Sleevers doing?

  1. paradoxcowgirl
    Anyone still out there? I love my sleeve, best decision ever! Sleeved 11/05/15.
  2. JenniferPaq
    Also sleeved 11/5/2015 -- and agreed! Down 78 lbs to date.
  3. Wheeldad
    Sleeved 16 Nov, down 95lbs, absolutely the best decision ever!
  4. sunbeachlady
    I guess I'm the slacker in the group; I am down "only" 55-60 lbs since my November 4 surgery. Snacking in between meals and eating at night was the problem. But now that spring is here I'm kicking up my level of exercise and also keeping better track of what I eat.
  5. Ilikea21
    I'm feeling so good! Sleeved on the 17th, and am at 75 lbs! I stalled a bit last month, I'm sure due to some healthy but LATE snacking. Anyway I'm back on track, and visiting with my family, and they are blown away. They are all very happy and encouraging, hubby lost 55 lbs just by our new eating habits, he's loving our journey as well.
  6. jojonavery
    Hi to all! I had my surgery on 11/16/15. I am down about 65lbs. I am finding that the lower my weight is (i'm right at 175 now), the harder it is for me to lose. I am still losing between 6 and 10 lbs per month. I am starting to work with a trainer in May to hopefully work on my muscle definition. Don't want to do too much though b/c I don't want it to stall my weight loss. I will say this though - even though I am 30 lbs from my goal weight, I have lost more weight in 5 1/2 months with the sleeve that I ever lost without it. So I will stick to this being one of the best decisions I've made thus far in my life. My goal was to be at 175 before my 6 month "surgiversary" and I met that goal early. My next goal is to be at 160 by 9 month surgiversary so technically I have until August 16th to lose 15 lbs. That is less than a lb a week. As long as I can manage that, then I will stay on track. Good luck to everyone. Enjoy your new "lighter" life and lets try to stay in touch.
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