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Schedule to be Sleeve 4/8 but instead did it 4/7 😬😬

  1. nacharl10
    Hello all! Im finally on the other side. I got sleeved yesterday! Yay! I'm happy that's over with. Everything went smooth. The only problems I had was my blood test. The nurses had to poke me 5 times before they got my blood! I have a phobia of needles. So that process was not good. I kept telling them I need a butterfly needle but the don't carry that here in Mexico only the big ones! This surgery is no joke! I did not get no sleep last night whatsoever! Gas was not my friend. I threw up because the pain was so bad and the worst part is I didn't have anything to throw up!! Uhhhh so horrible! All I can think of was bihhhhh you gonna be skinny!! Lol now I'm in my hotel room. I been sleep all day trying to catch up on lost sleep from last night. Doctors are very friendly and good with checking up on you. I will be doing my leak test tomorrow so this is just a rest day. Other then that all is good.
  2. Tomesha
    You're doing great! I have a good roommate. nachal10 is very sweet. I'm glad we crossed paths.
  3. nacharl10
    Thank you Tomesha!! You a good roommate too. She so helpful and sweet also. glad I was able to meet you. Let's pray this leak test go good and I don't throw up
  4. Tomesha
    How are you feeling? Remember to walk, you need to get all that trapped gas out.
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