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Serving sizes

  1. ellmom3
    Hi All,
    I was sleeved March 14th. Im feeling great, however Im not sure on exactly how much i should be having at one meal. Typically I have 2tsp. of greek yogurt foe breakfast, then 1 Tbs of tuna at lunch(blended)....here's the tricky part, at dinner I had a a piece of steamed cod. I didn't weigh it, Im sure I ate to fast, but I really felt full...like it hurt. I try to go by the thought that my stomach is the size of an egg, so dont have more then that. Anyway, Ive been searching the internet for some kind of serving size chart. Can anyone give me some guidelines?
  2. Betterhealth
    I am 8 days out and basically I can get 3 tablespoons down of not liquid. At 3 tbsp I am full and I feel slight pressure so I do not eat any further.

    Now if I have protein shake I can drink 8 oz. I hope this helps.
  3. Romandona
    You should probably be weighing everything. I had my surgery March 16. I try to have about 1 ounce of protein and then 1-2 tablespoon of veggie. That's about all I can have. Last night I had a 1 ounce piece of pork tenderloin, 1 tablespoon of peas and 1 tablespoon of sweet potato. I'm still only consuming about 700 calories a day, but feel I'm doing well. Just remember to eat slowly and chew very well. I did have pain between my shoulder blades and that's not pleasant. Good Luck.
  4. abuela
    Hey im not sure on portions either i am a 5 wks out i consume 2 protein shakes a day at 8ozs each i have a 1/2 cup of cottage cheese with fruit i had a cup of spinach chicken soup the other day....any suggestions would be welcomed thx
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