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March first and beyond

  1. RoDean
    Surgery is less than aweek away for some of you, are you getting nervous, having second thoughts??? Please let me know if you have any questions or if i can help in any way. I sure don't have all the answers, but i am very well versed in what "not" to do!!
  2. ashleymarie1985
    Mine is on the 9th. I'm scared sh*tless... but another found me from Indiana and we have connected and are rooming together once we get to Mexico. So happy I won't be totally alone!
  3. Fat No More2
    Fat No More2
    Good Morning
    Mine is March 4 Mexico
    How is your pre-ops going?
    It's tough drinking 3-4 protein shakes & eating salad w/o drsg
    Mine hasn't been perfect
    But I'm below 200 lbs for the first time in years
  4. Newlife4me3
    Mine is scheduled for March 11th in Mexico if anyone is that date, please contact me. Just bought all the food for the pre-op diet, big change, lol. Nerves haven't set in yet but I'm sure the closer the date, they will appear.
  5. gramakathy5
    Having my surgery on 3.1.16. Need to be at the hospital at 6 am. I am so excited!! Can't wait to start on this journey to improve my mobility and health.
  6. Purple Queen
    Purple Queen
    Having my surgery 3-15-16 and today I booked my airline & requested my funds to take care of all of this. Afterwards, it all hit me that I was really doing this and my knees almost gave out. But I am really excited & nervous!
  7. Jenn061770
    Having mine March 7th in Mexico by Dr Valequez ... Let me know if anyone else will be there.. Would love to chat with others.. I'm nervous and excited as well !! Going to get my shopping done this weekend for pre and post-op liquids ... And maybe pack..lol
  8. tina833
    Mine is in 2 weeks assuming I lose the 20 pounds my doctor told me I had to lose to have the surgery. Today was my first day on my pre-op all liquid portion of my diet. Struggling like mad.

    However, when I got the call from the hospital earlier today, I was excited as all get out. I might even get my pre-op testing the same day as my surgery which would mean less days off. Can't wait!
  9. Suepro
    Hi everyone

    I just about fit in here- my surgery date is 31st of March. I am in London (UK) and had to fit my surgery in around my work schedule so have to wait until the Easter vacation. As I m going to be last last one here to have my procedure, I am looking forward to hearing how everyone else got on before I finally get mine. Susan
  10. RoDean
    AshleyMarie1985 - I am glad you found a roomie for your surgery, having someone for support will help so much. I am here if you need anything or have any questions, but in the meantime, don't be afraid, the actual surgery is the easy part!! You Got THIS!! Just remember to walk as soon as possible and take those little tiny sips just as soon as they let ya and don't stop.
  11. RoDean
    Fat No More, you are coming up fast, I am doing a 10 day cleanse before I start my 5 day liquid diet, it is geared toward helping me break my addictive carb habit, I know that carbs and slider foods are my very worst enemy and I am hoping this advocare cleanse helps, everyone says it works, so I am giving it a go. I am at least thinking doing this for 10 days before I have to start liquids should make my transition to only liquids a bit easier. I did a 2 week liquid diet the first time when 7 was what they told me, because I was so traumatized that my liver would be to fatty for the surgery, I wasn't going to let a darn thing stop me from getting the surgery. I lost 13 lbs on it, that was nice.
  12. RoDean
    GramaKathy5, good luck tomorrow!!! Prayers for a fast and full recovery!! I know you will do amazing and it is the coolest thing in the world when the weight starts to come off.
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