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March 15 is the date!

  1. Melissa888
    March 15th sleever! Cannot wait for the big day! My doctor says "NO" pre-op diet. I am straddling the cusp for the BMI for surgery.....very, very lucky that I do not have to do the liquid diet prior to the surgery. Good luck to all us March sleevers........this should be fun?????????? HA!HA!
  2. tina833
    Congratulations! Welcome to the March club. I'm so excited for you.
  3. RoDean
    Hello Melissa, March 14th is my date, but I am doing mine in Mexico, so I won't meet you. Welcome to our group, and I am glad you made it in. Very jealous as I have a 5 day pre-op liquid diet, not looking forward to that at all.
  4. Melissa888
    Thanks guys! I am sure we will have lots of good information and tips to share with the group. It will certainly be nice and handy going through this with others.........my family just doesn't understand. Oh well, I am doing this for ME and no one else!!!!
  5. twana96
    I'm March 15th also. No pre-op diet for me as well. I am having mine done in Mexico also.
  6. gabrielav1979
    <~~~~March 15
  7. gabrielav1979
    <~~~~ My surgery is March 15 with Dr. Velazquez
  8. Melissa888
    Well, March 15th sleevers.........the time is getting near. I am both excited and nervous. Everything is ready, I have purchased enough supplies to last a year. Also, prepped the husband, that's another story all to itself....HA!HA! Anyone else getting anxious? (T minus 7 and counting.) M
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