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Hello march sleevers...

  1. RoDean
    Just checking in, how are ya'll doing?? Are you all starting to plan your food funerals??? I am, I am begging a 10 day cleanse with Advocare 10 days before my liquid diet starts so I can have a leg up and rid my body of it's cravings for sugar and carbs. Then when I have to start my liquid diet, It will be so much easier.
  2. Canuimagine
    Hi, there - "food funerals", LOL!

    I am anxious to start my pre-op diet on 2/15. I have a pre-op dietician visit on 2/12 and then the pre-op visit with the surgeon on 2/24.

    Feels like I have waited forever and I'm miserable...

    Thanks for checking in!
  3. RoDean
    You will do so good. Just follow all the rules, no deviations and it will be such an amazing time for you. you will love the new you!!
  4. RoDean
    I am planning several "food funerals" I will need to say good-bye to pizza, ice cream, cheeseburger's, nachos, candy...all the things that have made my ability to get more of these pounds off seem impossible. So, I will need to pick a couple days right before my liquid diet and have some of all of these things, then bury them in the past forever!!!!!!!! I will follow all the rules and live for the day I can eat a salad, that was what I actually craved most in the beginning, salad, greens, celery, crunchy raw vegetables. I cant wait to crave those things again.
  5. Canuimagine
    Thank you! I plan to follow my surgeon's instructions TO THE LETTER. I am expecting to be miserable on the pre-op, trying to be realistic about post-op, and planning my pizza, pasta, bread and general carb funerals LOL!!!! That made me laugh, thanks.

    I actually like salads, too...but I CRAVE carbs and it seems uncontrollable. I am working on my "head" in all of this. Read and learned lots of stuff here and I am so thankful. I know I have a food addiction that I have to kick, that's for sure.
  6. Mommykatie
    I will have my sleeve done March 18th and I am already nerves
  7. tina833
    Funny you should bring that up. Well not funny really but that is what I have been thinking about and I don't see the nutritionist or even meet my surgeon until the 15th. And I believe the nutritionist is going to be on a conference call. Geeze, I wish I would make that much money on a phone call. lol

    I'm really hoping I like the surgeon because I've already had to let go of the first one. Though I'm expecting to like my new one by some of the details of the reviews about him.

    I was wondering since my surgery is on 03/10/16 (fingers crossed) if that will be long enough on my food funerals?
  8. RoDean
    just do the biggies, think of the things you will miss the most for the next 6 months...and have some, say good bye, not forever, when its all said and done and you are able to eat all the foods you want again, have some, one day a week, treat yourself. it's always been said it is totally wrong to deprive yourself of anything, but you do need to be so careful...sugar and carbs are a very slippery slope. you have been going without them for weeks and weeks if you are doing everything your doctor tells you to do, do you really want to introduce them back into your life. That was my biggest mistake, thinking I could have "just one" or in my case one bowl. Ice cream is horrible for me, and a slider food so I had a pint down before I even realized what I was doing, after that I was addicted again, carbs are not my friend.
  9. RoDean
    I have actually joined e-meals and when it's all done, I will be ordering the Paleo meal plan, all meats and veggies, no grains or carbs. I think this is a habit of eating I will be able to sustain and they will give me the meal plans and grocery lists and recipes each week, I just need to grocery shop and cook and package up the leftovers.
  10. goatcory
    getting sleeved March 14th with Dr. Velazquez. Anyone have surgery with him? please let me know how it went.
  11. Bananna
    Don't you think that you do need to make up your mind that you aren't going to eat those bad trigger foods? It's like being an alcoholic and saying I'm only going to have 1 drink.
  12. RoDean
    I think everyone is different and you need to find what works and what is sustainable and realistic for you. the whole point of this surgery is that it is a tool to help you change your lifestyle. This is not a diet, it's forever and you can't realistically never eat these foods again, life happens. It is your job to police yourself and teach your self moderation and control. That Is my opinion
  13. jenthern72
    I had my sleeve done yesterday. I'm not loving the way I feel right now, but I'm hoping it will get better. I was on a liquid protein diet for a week prior to my surgery. I didn't have a food funeral but now I sort of wish I would have. Wishing you all best wishes for better health!!
  14. tina833
    The day after my surgery was the worse. It does get better. Take your pain meds if needed and walk as much as you can to get the gas/air out. I'm still not sure which it was.
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