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having sleeve surgery on

  1. gramakathy5
    I am having surgery on March 21. I am 63 years old and weigh 320 lbs., 5"7. Need to loose about 170 lbs, ut anything over 120 lbs will make me happy. cant wait to get going on this. Sore knees, my back KILLS me just to stand up and I am short of breath just walking a short distance. Not to mention the sleep apnea. I am tired ALL of the time and have no energy to clean house, shop or do much of anything. I look forward to talking with others and charting our progress! Kathy S
  2. Beautiful
    Welcome just had my sleeve on Friday January 15 and I'm excited to see the change in me.
  3. RoDean
    Welcome to our group. I was so happy with my early weight loss, I loved all the small (NSV) that I saw with my progress. I loved being able to walk up stairs without dying, wear a towel after the shower and have the ends fully cover me and be tuckable, cross my legs, not worry about flying and fitting in the seatbelts...tons of room to spare now. All of these things made me rejoice and work harder. I can't wait for you to experience them and more.
  4. Canuimagine
    Hi, and welcome!

    My surgery is scheduled for 3/1 and I am now awaiting insurance approval - and going crazy waiting. I am so excited that we will be able to share our journeys together!!! RoDean - those things you mention are the things I dream of!!!!
  5. RoDean
    Canuimagine, you will get there. All of it and beyond. We will all get to our goal, we will help each other!!!!
  6. skwid
    Hi my name is Sandy. I almost feel like you are talking about me. I am 62 started at 330 but a lot shorter at 5' 3''. I had my surgery on 12-30-15. I like it so for just started on my soft food stage. I would love to stay in touch.
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