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Most in the December Group will be done by the end of this comming up week!

  1. moonchild
    Anyone having surgery in late December? I seem to be a rarity. I start my preop diet on the 15th and it still doesn't seem real!!! I hope everyone scheduled in the last few days and up coming week have a smooth procedure and comfortable recovery! Would love to hear how you all are doing! ❤️
  2. Lyndamarie
    Mine is the 18th. It is just now starting to feel real. I started at the beginning of the month on the diet and have stuck to it pretty well. Good luck to you and happy holidays!!
  3. lwmatch
    Mine is on the 16th and didn't have a pre-op diet to do. Don't be hatin, lol. 2 protein shakes the day before and water from noon to midnight and then the scary part the next day..
  4. stayeducated
    My surgery is the 15th and I also didn't have to do a two-week pre-op diet. Two days before surgery clear liquid diet only. I am very nervous though!
  5. lwmatch
    Good Luck stayeducated, I am going to say mine will go as good or as bad as yours, so don't screw it up, lol..
  6. klgnms
    I just had my surgery with Dr. Alvarez in Piedras Negras, Mexico yesterday morning. Everything went great. Dr. Alvarez and his staff are amazing and very attentive. My pain at this point is very minimal. They do have me on a regular pain med schedule that the nurses inject into my IV. I am supposed to have my IV removed later today and start on ice chips. I will also be receiving my discharge packet and medications later today because I will be discharged tomorrow to go back to the hotel in San Antonio where I will stay the night and then fly back home Tuesday morning. So far, so good!

    As for the pre op diet, I had to do 8 days of full liquids. The first couple days were the most difficult, but if you stick with it, it does get better!
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