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Lodged Medicine

  1. Prophecy86
    So last night I didn't stay at home. I couldn't sleep so I took some melatonin. It wasn't crushed even though I know it should have been. My stomach has been hurting all night. I think it's stuck. Is there anyway I can get it unstuck or do I need to go to the hospital!
    Feeling bummed. I didn't sleep a wink last night due to the pain.
  2. Luann
    I hope you are feeling better - I don't think the hospital would do anything unless you had suffered some sort of damage to your stomach.
    If it were me I would try sipping some extra warm water, maybe in the form of herb tea if you can tolerate that.

    If you are still hurting though you should get it checked out.
  3. Tray9112
    Unless you think you have a leak it will pass through on it's own. It sounds like made your stomach upset you may want to take gas X and put a heating pad on your back. I couldn't sleep for the first 3 weeks without a heating pad and sleeping on my back at a angle. You do want to make sure the heating pad turns off after about 20 minutes.
    I hope you are now feeling better...
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