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INT Hospital with Dr. Sergio Verboonen

  1. Seheller
    Hi everyone,

    I am getting sleeved on 10/29 at the INT hospital. I am having surgery that day and have been told I will be able to return home on Saturday 10/31. ( I live in Southern California so it is a 2 hour drive for me). For those of you who have already been sleeved, do you think that this time frame is realistic? I have small kids and need to be home for Halloween (Just happy I won't be able to eat the candy this year!)

  2. CCSleever
    That sounds reasonable - I flew in on a Monday, had surgery on Tuesday, got out of hospital on Thursday. The only issue would be if there were any unforeseen complications and you had to stay an extra day?
  3. Seheller
    I was so impressed with the whole thing! Easy breezy, with exception of the 3 mini tootsie rolls I threw up the day of my surgery. I had ate them at 4 pm the day before surgery. Whoops! Dr Verboonen was amazing and his staff was responsive, especially Carlos! The hospital INT was great. Down a total of 12 pounds since my 4 day pre op. SW:191 CW:179 😉
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