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  1. djs1976
    Hi everyone! Im scheduled with Alvarez on Sept. 7th, arriving in Eagle Pass Sunday the 6th. Anyone else having surgery with Alvarez on or around that date?
  2. docsdeb
    I could have chosen that date but I'm still not comfortable around airports or flying close to 9-11, just me. I am scheduled with Dr. Alvarez for Tuesday September 15th. Still close enough we can keep in touch as to our progress. Let me know how you do!
  3. djs1976
    Sounds good.. definitely need to keep in touch since we're so close with surgery date, and especially being both using Alvarez! I'm starting to get a little nervous... less than a month! I'll be starting my pre-op diet on the 31st... maybe sooner, but that's when I'm told to.
  4. asset1976
    I'm scheduled for Sept 17. Flying in 16th
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