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Good? or Not?

  1. aldugan
    I find myself nibbling on whatever I fix myself for lunch all day. I'm only able to take a couple bites before becoming full, but within a hour or so I feel hungry again, so take a couple more bites, and do this for hours until its all gone.

    I just nibble all day like a little bird.

    Is this good or bad?
  2. Ann2
    It's really, really, really, really bad. You are building THE habit that will put all your weight back on you.

    Eat 3 meals. And a couple of snacks. Drink between meals. Move between meals. Do something between meals. It's not mealtime bretween meals.
  3. gdubbed
    I wouldn't say it's really really really really bad however, It's not great. The fact of the matter you both are missing is, if you had the sleeve, then you no longer have hunger pangs. It's mental NOT hunger. We are used to eating or grazing throughout the day without the sleeve so we are programmed to do this. The top part of the stomach that surceets fluid which the drops into the bottom of your stomach into the stomach acids has been removed. When the top fluid drops into the stomach acids at the bottom of your stomach, when the fluids are combined it sends a message to your brain telling it that your stomach is empty and that you are hungry.

    I don't agree that nibbling will make you gain your weight back. I would suggest drinking more liquids to give you the sensation of being full. Go for low calorie snacks, like cold sugar free jello is good as when it's cold it is more volumness than normal. I tend to freeze red grapes and eat them frozen. They are frozen so they stay in your mouth longer than normal and it gives you the sensation of a substantial amount of food. And low calorie, natural sugar. That's my go to snack.

    Mind over matter. You can do it. I hope you get more positive feedback. You shouldn't be beat down for asking a question. We are not doctors and can only give experiences that we have gone through personally. I had the lap and for 5 years and I nibbled and I went from 296lbs to 140lbs and maintained with nibbling. My band slipped and was removed in 2009. I know have a gastric sleeve. So, if you feel you need to nibble, do it, but be cautious and smart about what you are nibbling on. I refuse to deprive myself because that turns into beconing resentful that you can't eat it and you may binge. So, be smart but listen to your stomach, it's not telling you that you're hungry. I promise!!! It's all in your head. Hehe.

    You can do this!! You got this. You were ready for surgery and you had it. Now you're ready to lose weight and you can do it. Weigh weekly on Sunday, after your first morning urination and weigh naked. Don't become obsessive, weigh weekly. That's how I do it. Again, not a doctor but have had some personal experiences I can share.

    Don't judge your fellow sleever. Give them knowledgable feedback and positive reinforcement to help them through their experience.

    Stay focused and you'll be successful.
  4. Lovablemona2
    Excellent advice!! You're a great encourager, and you're on point with all you've advised. Thank you for such a positive feedback!
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