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10 day post-op and leaking….is this normal?

  1. aldugan
    Today makes 10 day post-op for me. The stitches where the drainage tube was had been red and inflamed, but has gone down tremendously. Now, where the drainage tube was is a little pussy and oozing clear liquid….IS THIS NORMAL? All the others are great and ready to come out.
    I'm suppose to get my stitches out tomorrow, but thinking since I have one area not ready to leave just that one stitch in and allow for more healing.

    Also, yesterday and today I am back to not feeling hungry and not wanting anything but gatorade and popsicles. Is this also normal?

    Please advise and give me your opinions…..ESPECIALLY ANY NURSES!!!!
  2. MaggieMay2015
    I can't diagnose of course, but believe it or not a suture is considered by the body as a "foreign object" such as a splinter. The body responds physiologically with cells to "surround and conquer" the foreign body. Serous (clear fluid) is always present. Pus may not be what you're thinking, it could be normal unless the area is red,swollen, increased pain,or you have fever.
    That's a visual way to describe the healing process and stitches/sutures are not welcome to the body after the first few days. Stitches out! Clean your hands constantly and do not touch pick or poke any healing tissue ( I'm crazy at work about avoiding infection and it happens by simply touching incision lines by the patients hands) hope that helps.
  3. aldugan
    MaggieMay2015…thanks! This does help.
  4. Suzie B
    Suzie B
    It's normal especially when you shower for the area where your drainage tube was to ooze a bit. Mine did but stopped within the first week. Be sure to use the disinfectant spray that was sent home with you. I used it like four times a day. I am a very slow healer but it still healed up fine.
  5. Monker2001
    A few of us had the same problem and so we contacted the hospital and were told it is perfectly normal. Mine didn't stop until the day I took my stitches out and I waited a full 14 days. Once the stitches were out, no problems. Just the itchiness from them healing. Hope you are doing well.
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