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Pre surgery carb load cravings

  1. dhopkins56
    I am having difficulty controlling my wanting to load up on carbs. The pre diet syndrome! I am now drinking protein shakes and do ok until later in the day...then so easy to fall into a binge. My surgery is scheduled for June 10th. And only have to do the 3 day liquids. It if I don't try to maintain until then I could easily put on another 10 lbs for sure!
  2. mtngrl
    I would clean out your pantry and fridge of the items you are tempted with. If you only have good foods to eat and snack on, it helps with self control.
  3. traci816
    I did this too. But since the surgery it is ALOT easier. Knowing we have to heal and take care of our sleeves is what makes it easier. I was just telling my daughter last night that the weight I have lost so far is ALL ME. You don't really get to use the sleeve as a tool until you start solids and have the restriction. It's much more reality after surgery so just do the best you can. Good luck
  4. mutterma77
    I always made sure I had cheese sticks in the fridge, and I'd eat one of those whenever I had a craving. 2 weeks of protein sounds great, but can be boring! I don't like most of the few vegies that were allowed, but lettuce with low-carb salad dressing was a daily treat! You can do this! Once you stop the carbs, it does get easier!
  5. chris_1962
    Befor surgery while on my opti fast to help with the binging I had diet jelly to snack on.. wasn't much fun but we'll worth the outcome
  6. dhopkins56
    Thanks everyone! Helps to drink my protein shakes. Just holding my breath until surgery time!
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