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Maybe it's like choosing to get Pregnant? Life Changes for low BMI peeps

  1. tnkrrbl
    Now that surgery is getting closer I'm really wondering so many things. While the pull of being thin, not wearing size 16 curvy plus size jeans is appealing to me. I've decided it's like getting pregnant... it's a life change, and there are so many unknowns, that you just don't know until it happens. (what kind of mom, how will I sleep, what kind of kid.....)

    I get it I don't have as much to lose as many of you, which is why there are some of these questions.... started research at 189 pre-op down to 184 BMI 33.5 and I'm 5'2". Curvy- carry the weight everywhere -- 42- 38 - 42 6" wrist - size 6.5 shoes....

    I do have questions... that I don't think I can answer until it's all over. So here are my rambling thoughts right now.

    As my surgery date quickly approaches these are some of my worries, fears and trepidations.....Am I going crazy?

    Am I making the right choice for me?
    Will I miss my old ways of eating, what, when and how much I want?
    Will my face look LOTS older?
    Will I regret this decision?
    How will my life change?
    Will I look GOOD once I’m thin?
    How low will the girls hang?
    Will the girls get smaller?
    How will this effect me for the rest of my life?
    Will my hair fall out? (Does it fall out as much with a lower BMI to start?)
    Will I have a waist, or is not having on an “old lady thing”?
    Will I have regrets that will never go away?
    How will it affect my personal life?
    How will it affect my social life?
    How will it affect my business?
    Has my business been hindered or enhanced by my weight?
    Will my knees stop hurting?

    I'd love some input from others who have been here - done that....
  2. YOLO48
    Haven't been there done that but going there doing that! My surgery is in a few days and I'm at 180lbs right now. I have all of the same questions as you including some family history issues to consider and decided that every day is full of questions no matter what the circumstances are. We never know what's going to happen one minute to the next. I've passed countless accidents on my way to work and I'm positive that those people never thought their day would start like that! Be curious, just don't be afraid to try! Best of luck to you!
  3. TexasBetsy
    You are not going crazy. I was exactly where you were 13 months ago. I went from a BMI of 34 to 23. I could lose an another ten but I'd look a lot wrinklier. I went from a 38G bra to a 34D bra. I am wearing some 6s from 20s and 22s. I am 5'2" and was marginally heavier than you, but marginally.
    I have not missed my old ways of eating. I don't want to eat like I used to. I want to change for the better, forever. I have changed. It's a done deal.
    I think my face looks older. But I feel so much better over all that I was willing to trade the joint pain and spine pain for a few wrinkles.
    I have not regretted my decision, in fact, I am trying to get an obese friend to think about having the same sleeve surgery. I will care for him for that first month, two before, and two after. If he opts for it. His call.
    It's not as much fun to go out to eat, because you can't eat your money's worth. So I share a plate with my hubby or get a go-box early on during the meal.
    I like how I look now that I am a normal weight.
    The girls definitely got smaller, and that is a very good thing.
    My hair got very thin, but I was also plagued with a thyroid excursion. It's coming back nice now, also curlier.
    I found the waist again. I had to buy belts, for criminy sakes.
    My knees stopped hurting. I stopped taking high blood pressure medicine. I cut my thyroid dose in half. I got an entire new wardrobe, with much thanks to Goodwill and the local thrift stores as I processed through clothes. Some were too tight when I bought them and in two weeks they were two big.
    I was self-pay for the surgery and it was the best investment I have made in myself, that, and lots of counseling with a licensed therapist.
    So the first two weeks were hard. I had to go on a low-carb diet and thought I'd gnaw off my arm. I was so excited for the surgery day. But then on surgery day I woke up hungry. It was a full 7 days before I stopped feeling hungry, so that was three weeks total of ravenous hunger. I slept a lot the first week. Eating hurt the first week. After two weeks I was strong enough to spread out two pallets of sod in my yard. Then it was on the scale every day. YOu will love it. It changed my life and gave me confidence to stand up for myself when I needed to.
  4. Pooky
    I'm very excited for you! This is an interesting journey for sure, and I wish you the best in your journey, and it most definitley is a journey of not only body but of mind too.

    For me ... I was 45 yrs old and was 220 lbs at 5' 2" when I started the process so I was like just at 40 BMI. Date of surgery I was down to 200 lbs. I had my sleeve done on June 4th of 2014 so I'm almost 1 year out! (that's hard to believe sometimes) I now weight 130-133 lbs (24.4 BMI) depending on the day. While I'd love to loose 5-8 more pounds, my doctor says I'm perfectly fine where I am. I reached about 135 lbs about 7 months out.

    Am I making the right choice for me? - for me ... I only wish I had done it sooner! I don't regret a thing except not doing it a few years earlier.

    Will I miss my old ways of eating, what, when and how much I want? - I really don't miss my old ways at all. There are certainly things I do not eat ever. I do stay away from potatoes, pasta, bread and rice. Carbs are not my friends and never have been haha. It is a life change, and it does take some getting used to and a lot of work. The sleeve is a wonderful tool, but the surgery doesnt fix your head and the food head games. That is something I continue to work on with myself.

    Will my face look LOTS older? - I've been surprised the i have had people literally say to me that usually when people lose this much weight they do look older, but they claim I look younger. So... you never know

    Will I regret this decision? I don't regret a thing!!!! One of the best decisions I've made - I'm happier, I feel better, I look better, i'm healthier.

    How will my life change? It changed many aspects of my life. Besides all those things i mentioned about feeling better, etc. I also found that there are people who aren't really happy that I have lost weight and look better and feel better about myself. It's a strange thing. Then, I found that I have those family members/friends who are genuinely happy for me, and that's a wonderful feeling. I also notice how differently i'm treated by total strangers - sometimes I actually get a little angry that people weren't as friendly before.

    Will I look GOOD once Iím thin? I have loose skin in places that I'd love to get rid of. It's all easily hidden with various clothing items. If i only had lots of money, i'd definitely do my thighs and rear first. I'd love to get my tummy and underarms done and breasts. But, if none of that ever happens, I'm still happy that I did this!

    How low will the girls hang? Will the girls get smaller? yes and yes lol

    Will my hair fall out? (Does it fall out as much with a lower BMI to start?) My hair definitely thinned quite a bit. I now have new growth that is about 3 inches or so long. My husband and I joke about it because I always wear a pony tail right now and if it's really windy out and I don't have hairspray holding it down, I'll get these "wings" that fly out - it's the new hair growth. Frankly I'm thrilled! haha

    Will my knees stop hurting? All my aches and pains stopped, and that was something that made me soooooo happy. My feet don't hurt when they touch the ground in the morning, I can play tennis now and not feel like i'm dying. I walk and jog now without pain. I lift weights 3 times a week and i can actually feel my muscles rather than just the muscle through the fat.

    I really hope you have a wonderful experience in the end. While during recovery you might have feelings of "oh my what the hell did i do to myself!" ... it only gets better and better with each day. I don't regret a thing! Good luck with everything and I'm anxious to hear about your journey!
  5. Windi
    Loved reading all your comments! I'm low BMI also and have my surgery in August.
  6. lorylynch
    Yes I agreee thanks for sharing I am not the only one having these fears, My surgery is Aug, 18th my bmi is 32, I can exercise it is the food i can not stop eating!
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