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Anyone having surgery in June?

  1. PersianChick
    My date is set for June 2!!! Three weeks away and I'm feeling too many emotions going on right now.
  2. dhopkins56
    June 10th for me in Mexico.
  3. PersianChick
    Yay yay!!
  4. HHMama
    June 12 in Mexico!
  5. linnmal01
    My Cousin and I are both having the sleeve done in Mexico on June 16th. We are both extremly nervous about it.
  6. Lili_L'amour
    I am having surgery June 10th!
  7. Lili_L'amour
    I am nervous too. I google and read and ask questions about the upcoming surgery but I still feel this unsettled feeling. I still have to take a Nicotine Test and sleep study results. Then my paper work is off to the insurance. We will see.
  8. SoReady4Change
    I am on June 4h
  9. PersianChick
    Oh good !!! We have a little "June family"
    Every time I doubt my decision - I just take a glimpse of myself in the mirror - I don't recognize myself anymore. Not to mention I want to get off my blood pressure meds, lower my cholesterol & triglycerides and get off the CPAP machine. Most importantly lengthen and enjoy my life !!!
  10. mtngrl
    Surgery June 8th.
  11. New_me_Ari
    June 16th for me. Palms of Pasadena Hospital.
  12. KRowe
    June 12 in Mexico!!!! I'm so excited! Ready to feel better.......and look better!!!
  13. navy
    I well be there on the 5th
  14. KRowe
    HHMama, we are having surgery the same day!!! Who's your doc? Mine's Almanza.
  15. linnmal01
    Time is getting really close. In case i am not back on here before i leave GOOD LUCK TO ALL...... May God bless us all in our goals.
  16. jtribby
    June 18th, as long as I can take off work. Going into work tomorrow to see if they will approve having off for 3 days. Ive read numerous blogs, talked to 2 wonderful counselors from her, Cameron and Clair, and although my son is totally against me doing this and refuses to go with me, I'm doing this for me!

    I was hoping to find a buddy that is having surgery same day as me, so we can support each other day to day!

  17. Shanelle
    Jackie - I am also having surgery on the 18th with Almanza! If we say we are grouped together, they will give us an additional $200 off (from what I've read on this site)! If you haven't found someone to pair with for this discount, let me know!
  18. MamaDukes22
    I am having my surgery done on 6/22 in Mexico. I wish I had found this site sooner so that I could've buddied with someone! I'm going alone as, most of my family doesn't know, and those who do are against it!
  19. Euphoria
    I had mine on the 10th of
    June, in Belgium!
    I am from London! Xx
  20. PrincessDi1226
    I'm scheduled for 6/24 with Dr. Almanza...I could use a buddy ;-)
  21. Wendyb67
    I'm booked for 30/06/15 and at this moment NBM and feeling extremely anxious. Can't sleep!!!
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