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June 2015

  1. blemons
    Anyone going for surgery in June?
  2. KaychieB
    My surgery date is June 2nd.
    I leave for Tijuana 6:45am June 1st.
    I'm a medical assistant. I'm going with my supervisor and friend who is a Nurse.
    She was there for our bosses sleeve so she will be there for mine too
  3. blemons
    Mine is June 15th I was wondering if anyone else was going around that time
  4. KaychieB
    I haven't found anyone going my day either!
  5. diamonddiva
    June 29
  6. Monker2001
    I will actually be flying home on June 1st. My surgery is May 29th. I'll keep the lights on for you.
  7. JMiller
    I will be flying in 5/31 surgery 6/1. just booked today. Getting anxious
  8. KaychieB
    JMiller I fly in June 1st my surgery is June 2nd!!!
    I hope to run in to others!!!
  9. JMiller
    Cool. Hope to see you there. I should be in hospital when u fly in. When u fly home
  10. KaychieB
    I leave Friday the 5th.. I will definately keep in touch and hope to see you over there!!!
    Im getting anxious!
  11. HalloweenGirl
    You'll meet a whole group when you get there. I was trying to meet people on here ahead of time also, but only found one girl from our group who was on here. Most of the people aren't on this website, but there will be lots of new friends to hang out with and support each other, don't worry!
  12. MaggieMay2015
    June 29
  13. SharDye
    My surgery is June 15th. I am so excited.
  14. KRowe
    I'm scheduled for June 12. Coming in on June 11, leaving on June 15.
  15. dhopkins56
    I am June 10th
  16. Shannon1965
    I'm on June 9th. I fly in on June 8th.
  17. Shanelle
    I'm June 18th. If anyone else is scheduled (or going to schedule) on that date and wants to do the group discount, let me know and we can team up! Thanks!
  18. KRowe
    That is a great idea about group buddies!! I'm getting into SD on June 11 at 9:30am and surgery is scheduled for June 12. My husband is coming in with me and we have a private room. If anyone else is having surgery on the 12th and wants to buddy up I wouldn't mind saving 200 bucks!!
  19. aldugan
    Scheduled for June 1st!
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