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Traveling alone...any tips? Surgery April 14, 2015!

  1. sharonjohnson
    I am so nervous & excited! I am traveling to Mexico for surgery with Dr. Almanza.
  2. KansasJina
    How many days are you going for? And what all are you taking with you? I am waiting for my passport, then I will also be scheduling with Dr Almanza.
  3. depatric3
    He is a great surgeon. I traveled alone last April and it was a fantastic trip. Good people, great nurses and very nice hotel. You will do great
  4. depatric3
    Comfy clothes, pj's. Gas x strips, maybe a heating pad. I never needed the heating pad but I did borrow it to one of my room mates. Spending money because shops are within walking distance from hotel and Mexico is beautiful. If you go shopping, never give full price for anything. Offer 1/2 the price they are asking for items. It is really safe where you are at, so don't be afraid to get out and go for a little walk. You will feel so much better. The people from the hotel will offer to drive you to the shops but remember, they will expect a good tip for driving you 3 to 4 blocks and the drivers get a kick back from the vendors that they take you too so the prices will be higher and don't buy anything from the man that sells jewelry ON THE strip. It is junk. Just giving you a heads up I walked to the shops 3 times by myself. It is so beautiful there and I had my surgery last April 12th.
  5. sharonjohnson
    Great to know it is safe. Thank you!
  6. Cmalone
    Hello, I went alone. It was just fine. There were other people you will meet. Everyone made friends and looked out for each other. I didn't go shopping though. I didn't feel like it. I just would walk around the hotel, it had outside corridors. I would walk down to the restaurant to get water and Popsicles. As for packing, pack lite. I overpacked. They pretty much will have important things, pain meds!
    Bring some money for tips. I didn't shop. Bring money for your own room if you like. I wanted to have my own room. Bring personal items and couple set of clothes, something to do, cause the tv is in Spanish, I don't speak Spanish. It will be okay.
  7. projax5000
    depatric it is a different hotel now than it was when you had surgery isn't it...I wonder what is around the Hotel Real Del Rio.
  8. sharonjohnson
    Pain meds/TV en espanol. Sounds fun
  9. Jmichelle
    I traveled alone and it was a breeze. I met some very nice people while I was there.
  10. Cyndy-loo
    I traveled alone and it was fine you will find that also.
  11. HollyInTexas
    Did any of you bring compression socks/stockings with you? Some others are saying to do so for the flight home...Thoughts?
  12. daphnie
    Hi. I'm going next week the 15. What is the gas x strips?
  13. HalloweenGirl
    I will be there for surgery on Wednesday the 15th. Maybe I will meet some of you people there! :-)
  14. AnnNTexas
    I would like to bring my ipad. Questions: Is there a place to lock up valuables while in surgery? Is there WIFI?
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