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How long until you feel normal again???

  1. tashakelson
    How long does it take to feel normal again? What I mean by normal is being able to have energy, eat more than 3 baby spoonfuls of something and not get that uncomfortable pressure/pain in your chest, when can you take more than 3 sips of liquid without feeling that uncomfortable pressure/pain, when can you eat normally (much smaller portions of course)? I am going on 4 weeks, I am taking vitamins and B12....but I am so tired and sluggish from not getting enough nutrition in my opinion (I'm not complaining...just curious and I am enjoying my weightloss)...
  2. Miek
    Hi....you're getting close. For me it was about 2.5-3 months post op. It's been a year for me now, so its a new "normal" but so worth it. Hang in there, it gets better.....
  3. tashakelson
    Thank you! Will you ever be able to eat and drink at the same time again? That is what I struggle with the most. I always feel like I need to wash food down...I forgot once or twice and it made me sick but I would like to eat and sip once again someday lol
  4. Kee77
    I am a full week from Surgery. Some days are def better than others. I am still working on gas pain, and pressure spasms. You are not alone!! On the bright side it seems I am loosing a pound a day TeeHee LOL
  5. Lynn54
    I think feeling normal is not going to be the normal we used to know. I am 4 weeks out. I do believe they do not want us drinking and eating at the same time ever. Creates issue with filling you to quickly or washing food thru to fast then can cause diarrhea, just read that the other day. We need to adjust to new normal. I used to drink 2-3 glasses water with my meals. Very difficult adjustment for me.
  6. Miek
    You'll get used to the balance of fluid and food at the same time. But it's still a challenge. My family jokes with me at meal time when they see me hesitate between the glass of water and the small plate of food before me. I call it stomach real estate budget. I always try to allow 30-45 min prior to eating to get in a couple of glasses of water first, then I can enjoy my meal. But once you fill up with solids, prepare to wait about an hour before drinking anything. This is particularly challenging for me in a business environment as I travel weekly and eat meals out with colleagues or clients that don't know about my surgery. So if I'm going to drink a martini or two, I certainly try and get them in before the food arrives.

    Another key that I've found is eat 6-7 times a day so you're not too full at any one sitting. This also helps keep your metabolism up burning fat. Then fill in with hydrating fluids.

    I congratulate you on this decision to change your life and wish you all the best. And thanks for the kind message to my board, I appreciate it.
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