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day 10 post op

  1. linzy2886
    Im sure most of you read my day 5 post op negative post! I am on day ten today and i feel the same about my experience, but i am feeling so much better about my decision. i feel good for the most part just a little weak. but i feel good! im not starving like i was, i do get a bit hungry still but im sure because i havent had any solid foods yet. all of my incisions are healing nicely no infection. after drinking a protien shake which takes about ab two hours i feel full which is nice to finally feel. i was super negative and pissed about my choice earlier in the week but im seeing light like maybe i actually did make a good decision and i will become a healthier happier me. so dont let my earlier post scare u away. the hospital was a bit scary for a young sheltered lady but i feel like a new person now and a stronger one for going through with my decision! good luck to all who are just starting the journey.
  2. projax5000
    Glad you are feeling better
  3. Crybaby
    I am glad you are feeling better about your decision. You definitely made me think when I read your earlier post. I'm sorry you had a bad experience...what I do not understand about everybody's posts is the hunger. I thought it was suppose to remove the part of your stomach that triggered hunger. Realizing that I would become hungry eventually, I was hoping to be completely non interested in food for awhile. They seriously made it sound like it is suppose to reduce your hunger drastically
  4. linzy2886
    yes that is why i was so emotional! i had the same mind set as u, if i knew u still had hunger i believe i would have made a different decision.
  5. Annette3
    I'm 10 weeks out and I thought I was hungry all the time too , my stomach felt like it was growling almost bubbly, but I read on one of these Forums that it was indigestion or acid re-flux! so sure enough I started taking a acid reducer and my "hunger" disappeared! hope this helps... I'm down 33 lbs and feel great! I haven't been this weight since the 1980's.... I am eating whatever I want now but not "nearly"as much!!! I love this new life!! I went to my doctor last week and told her what I had done and she was really happy for me and she did blood work to make sure my protine and other levels were good and they were! I'm so excited! Keep marching ahead, it will get better!
  6. lacilics
    I too am a little worried about the feeling hungry part. Everything I've read on the surgery (I've read a lot} says you won't be hungry and you will have to force yourself to eat. I've read that some people actually forget to eat. Linzy2886, what I said about the food intake. I meant that she was having trouble getting all her fluids and protein in because she felt to full. I think that's where the feeling weak part comes in. I'm glad to see you are doing better day by day. I'm glad you have shared your experience thus far with us all. The good and the bad.
  7. linzy2886
    Thank you guys for the comments!
  8. TASHA2
    linzy2886 thank you for sharing your experience! I'm glad you are doing better. I worry about the hunger part as well cause everyone knows a big girl gotta eat!! In my family I was raised that we may not have much but we gonna eat regardless and that's what I'm worried about.

    Hope you continue to do well and maybe soon I can have mine soon!
    My script for stomach iery important to my success. I am 1 year out and 92 lbs is gone! I do get hungry, I also find that when I do I better eat soon after the feeling sets in. If not, I eat too fast, which is counter productive.
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