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post op 10 days nutrients!

  1. Aprilel1
    Hello everyone. I feel like I'm not getting the necessary nutrients I need seeing that I'm only 10 days post op I still can barely get anything down I can't even get the broth down 3 spoons and I'm done. I need help please tell me how you were your first weeks am I the only one also what did you eat for nutrients. Thanks so much
  2. tashakelson
    Have you tried a protein shake? You have to constantly nibble on something at least every hour to get your nutrients. I felt the same way you did for the first 2 wks...it gets better but you got to take it slow. That pressure/pain you feel in your chest is fullness. Stop when you begin to feel that then try again a hour later. Hope this helps
  3. Healthynana15
    I am 11 days post op, I found days 2-5 very hard to get even 20-30 ounses in a day. Then each day since then I am able to just constantly be sipping something and keeping track and for the past 4 days am getting at least 70 ounses a day in including the 2 protein shakes a day to get total of 60 grams. I found water was really hard so I warmed it slightly and added 1 drop peppermint essential oil to 2 cups water and it is very soothing to sip on. Also half water and glad white grape juice. Have started full fluids at all? If you are struggling so much you may be very dehydrated at this point and should likely see a doctor. Are you peeing at least every 8 hours and is it pale yellow?
  4. Aprilel1
    Thank you so Tasha! What kind of protein shake do you drink? @ healthynana I will try the water I eat lots of sugar free pops about 5 a dat is that bad? That's all I can seem to hold. My urine is dark though.
  5. Lynn54
    It does get easier. Take chewable vitamins for your nutrients work on sipping the protien drink to get your protien
  6. tashakelson
    Your welcome! I like the Atkins shakes and make sure you drink Gatorade instead of so many popsicles. Let us know if you feel better
  7. Jmichelle
    I'm 5 days out and I've managed to eat pop ice and have finished an entire 16.9 oz bottle of water. I;m taking it slow, but i'm focusing on getting fluids in.
    I found a schedule online from Cornell University, that states sip 1 1/2-3 oz of fluid every twenty minutes. You do have to constantly sip water. That was one of the tips i see over and over. I have began to sip water every few minutes. It dosen't bother me to have to do that, but being that the threat of dehydration and malnutrition looms, i'ts a small sacrifice.
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