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sleeved 3/4

  1. linzy2886
    Im sure this will get deleted because its not the most positive post. I have my surgery with Almanza on the 4th, got home last night and boy was I glad. Im still a bit in the middle about my decision im not sure if it was right or not. I mean im glad I did it but worried about the long run and the short run,infection etc. I do feel pretty good though considering I just had surgery. There were 11 surgeries the day of mine and 15 the day after, I think thats way to many. Anyways got us all prepped and it was good, then when it was my turn to go back I walked into the OR they girl I met was laying on the table having surgery plain as day. Then they took me to the room next to her and put a blanket on me, nobody spoke english back there. I laid there hearing them washing the utensils in the metal sink it was scary. After the surgery I woke up in a room with four women which was great because i sure didnt want to be alone. I cant say that i was in awful pain or anything just uncomfy and so sick to my stomach. we stayed there one night which was so long. Then went to the hotel, it was the LOUDEST place i have ever stayed it was insane. There was a party every night down stairs, sirens,motorcycles,people screaming etc. The beds and pillows were like laying on the ground it was so hard. It was very nice to the eye and clean so that was a huge plus. my advise get ur own room if you can afford it, i shared one and wished i didnt. Nurses are pretty good about coming if you call, but the desk people sure dont come if you need towels etc i called three times for towels and never got them. They also dont speak good english. The guys in the restraunt do though so that was good. After you get the drain out it relieves so much pressure and pain it was amazing how wonderful i felt after that. I was worried about the pain of the removal but it really wasnt bad just weird. I was so glad to cross that border i felt such relief and happiness. We did get stopped for over and hour getting searched and waiting at the border ugh. all in all my experience was just okay, i guess you do get what you pay for. I think if they had a hotel that wasnt so loud and a more professional OR it wouldnt have been so bad. and fyi im feeling really hungry today not sure if its cause its been days or its just in my head. good luck to all
  2. 4my2boys
    Linzy, I had the same procedure on Oct. 8th, mine was a disaster and just had my 3rd surgery to fix all the damage last week. It is very true, it's because we all wanted to save money, me included. After my last surgery I am around 45K in the whole. The best advice I can give is to find a Bariatric Doctor right away, I tried to just use my regular doctor, and although wonderful I was out of her league. I waited 3 months until I could get into someone that would even see me. My doctor now is great and has really/honestly saved my life and after 6 months of living hell, terrible pain and a stomach that now look like a horror story (Almanza's incisions got infected and the scars are horrific). The good news is yes I have lost 70 lbs, but no it was not worth it. I have told my story a few times on here and everyone was so very nice. So stay on here and if I can help answer any questions let me know.
  3. Jensleeve
    I'm so very sorry you ladies had that experience. I went to the same doctor on jan 21st 2015. I have had zero problems except dehydration and acid reflux (which is very normal). I followed up with my bariatric doctor at home and he did testing and scans and said my surgery was done perfectly. I was the first to have surgery so I didn't see anyone else but I would have freaked out if I would have saw someone in surgery. I hope you ladies get better because I LOVE my sleeve and I hope one day you can say the same take care.
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