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Protein Powder

  1. Dimplezzz2002
    Can someone recommend a vanilla protein powder they like? I want something that is not chalky and doesn't leave an after taste.
  2. enuf
    I have tried several and keep coming back to Unjury. I sometimes use milk, protein powder and a fruit Greek yogurt (Danon light and fit is lowest in carbs) in the blender. If you just mix the GREEK yogurt, the protein powder and a tiny bit of skim milk and then freeze for thirty minutes, it's a nice dessert/treat
  3. finallythin
    I like Premier Protein brand and it packs 30g protein per serving. My husband and I also like the chocolate. We got ours at Sam's.
  4. beulahgirl
    I love the vanilla Unjury and use it in almost every shake I make. I add the chocolate PB2 and get double the protein!
  5. Rezgirl
    Is anyone familiar with a unflavored protein powder that can be put in or on food, if so what brand would be good to go with?
  6. Tammi2
    Hi Rezgirl! On the site called bariatriceating.com they sell an unflavored protein power called Pure. I haven't tried it personally but have seen a lot of positive reviews. It's not cheap but sounds like it's worth it.
  7. Tlouh
    What is PB2 and where do u get it?
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