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Scared of Dumping syndrome

  1. cincigurl
    I am new to the forum and I have read a lot of valuable information. However, I haven't come across anything about dumping syndrome. I am scheduled to have surgery August of this year so I am doung everything to prepare myself. ..changing eating habits, exercise routine/schedule, taking vitamins drinking more water, etc. I have read online that dumping is going to happen in the weeks following surgery, for obvious reasons. This makes me nervous especially not knowing how my body is going to react/change after surgery.

    I am curious for anyone who has experienced dumping, what has worked for you so that it doesnt hsppen again or less frequently. Any info would be great
  2. Missy Kelly
    Missy Kelly
    I'm 2 weeks post op today & the only problem I had was the one time I drank the new whey protein shots.
  3. Numbers
    Dumping is not common with sleeve, just bypass. Wic is why it is seldom discussed
  4. Stephanie2
    Dumping does happen with some people but for many it seems constipation is more of an issue. I remember worrying about it because some people I know have had dumping with their sleeve. They all made it to the toilet just fine though.

    Maybe someone who does experience it will have more information for you. Right now you are in worry mode which is easy to do. This website can be a great tool and provide a lot of relief to worries and can provide a lot of support. Keep asking questions and educating yourself! Good luck!!
  5. amt5298
    i have not had dumping with my sleeve it has not been an issue at all
  6. cincigurl
    Thanks for the info everyone, it was helpful.
  7. secretblonde
    Maybe not dumping ...but beware of foamies!!! It's just like it sounds and comes from your mouth ... just eat s l o w l y .... and never ever OVER eat!!
  8. kmvalade
    I've read if you have dumping to either wear something like depends until your body adjusts. just remember...if it feels like gas...it probably isn't. =)
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