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  1. dhessy
    I had my surgery on 12/4 with Dr. Almanza. My surgery was supposed to be on 12/5 but they did at least 4 of us a day early. Our choice. Starting the very next day they were concerned with the concentration of the fluid in my drain. The hotel Dr. stated that they might have to go back in and see what the issue is. I thought that was OK since I had an extra day in Mexico to recover. The next 2 days they were still concerned but did nothing. They ended sending me home with my drain. I spent the first 2 days back in the states in the hospital because I had a hematoma on my sleeve(inside of me). Thousands of dollars later I'm doing great and have lost 35 pounds in three weeks. The night before we left Mexico I requested my medical records. I was told it would take 72 hours. I've requested them a couple more times and the hospital had several people trying to get the records and to talk to Dr. A. No luck. As I say, I'm 3 weeks post op and they are ignoring me. Outside of the lack of medical records I feel they owe me at least a partial refund for not completing their job. If they hadn't made such a big deal about it I would just assume they didn't know about it and probably would have helped me if they had known. They problem here is that they knew there was a problem the entire time but never followed through on fixing the issue.

    I do know of many other people that have used Dr. A and they did not experience the same issues. Just be careful because what might seem like a deal may or may not end up to be the case. Buyer beware!
  2. SweetDejavu
    I was originally going 2 use Dr. A and after the reviews for previous patients I decided 2 go with Dr. Q! I thank God that you are okay and I think you are def brave and awesome for sharing your experience! Wishing you a speedy healing process and much success with your new tool!
  3. Ima Fox
    Ima Fox
    I'm so thankful you're ok. I'm sorry you had this experience. It could've happened in the states too though. People wouldn't go to MX if they could get it done here. My insurance doesn't cover any WLS for any reason what so ever, no matter the medical necessities. I hope they do right by you & give you your records. Good luck.
  4. rockscott40
    He did a great job. He talked to us , answered our questions. I have nothing but praise for him Dr. Almanza and his team.
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