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Surgery next week

  1. Rosscountymom
    Hi all Im 51 and have surgery on Wednesday. Nerves are getting the best of me . Anyone wanna chat or have any good advise
  2. BillyJ
    I am 57. I had mine done 4.5 months ago. I have lost 59 lbs. Of course you will be nervous. That is natural. Just follow your surgeons orders and you will come out like a champ. Remember to walk walk walk and sip sip sip. The walking will help with the gas build up and the sipping is to keep you hydrated. They blow your belly up with air and the walking helps with that. I don't know if you use a CPAP but my surgeon suggested I not use mine when I get home until my follow up since the CPAP is blowing air in. He was right. Good luck to you. This will all be a memory. Keep us posted on your progress.
  3. Smiley1505
    Hi there! I'm 52 and my surgery is March 4. Im excited and scared. More excited. Sometimes I think I'm too old for this but I've struggled my whole life and it's time to stop. Of course we are going to be nervous but I think that's ok. I see you had surgery in December Howze it going??
  4. Smiley1505
    At home healing. Feeling nauseous. No pain but the nausea is driving me crazy. I'm shaky too. Hopefully doesn't last too long. ��
  5. Cmomster
    Best wishes Smiley. My surgery is tomorrow morning, March 6th. Just turned 52 TODAY! No cake and ice cream to celebrate my birthday this year.
    I'm a bit anxious about tomorrow but mostly just ready to move on.
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