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Best vitamin brand

  1. fyneteacher
    What kind of vitamins and most importantly, what brands did you get for afterwards the sleeve procedure? My surgery is Tuesday, Dec 16 and I am trying to order this weekend so I have everything ready to go.

    Thank you in advance for your advice.
  2. Peggy53
    I really would hope that your surgeon has already given you this information but apparently not. The only multivitamin available for Bariatrics over the counter us Optisource. It is available at Walgreens only and runs about $30.00 per month.. Otherwise Bariatric Advantage, Celebrate or Journey vitamins available on BariatricEating.com. The best price is Bariatric Advantage with iron Capsules. They also contain a good amount of B12.... It's about $47 for 3 month supply.
    I'm guessing they probably didn't tell you about using high quality protein shakes. Ya, really it makes a HUGE difference.

    Good Luck!
  3. time4change031113
    Bariactric fusion mutli vitamin has a bunch of diff flavors doe 25.00 a bottle. Usually doc office sells them or nutritionist provides samples.
  4. Dawzow
    My Dr told me any multivitamin (for sleeve surgery) is fine. I also get a monthly b12 injection.
  5. alyson1975
    My doctor has said just 1 normal multivitamin and a calcium supplement called adcal d3 1in the morning and 1 at night but im in the uk so it might be different for us.
  6. SpringRose
    I am so glad I found this post. I ham 15 months out and have only taken normal chewy gummies (normal made me puke).... Lately I am sick, dehydrated, dizzy, and lethargic more than not! I will totally be ordering these...
  7. mutterma77
    I use only Puritan's Pride vitamins, and have for years. My nutritionist looked at what I take and said they were fine. They have lots of great sales, and I picked up several in liquid form for the month post-op. My question is - is it true we are not supposed to take time-released meds?
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