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Anyone stay at Hotel Pueblo Amigo?

  1. Tootie Smiles
    Tootie Smiles
    I am having my surgery on the 22nd of this month. I have seen good and bad reviews about this place. It seems like most people stay at the Marriott but it looks kind of boring.
  2. Rades69
    I stayed at the Marriott, as it was part of the package, and it is by far the nicest accommodations in TJ
  3. Chonda
    Borning?? you will be recovering from surgery... you won't need to be up partying like a rock star.. there is plenty close to the marriott to go do if you feel like it..

    The marriott staff is excellent and will be attentive to your needs and know how to get in touch with your doctor/coordinator if you should need them...
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