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Food Funerals: Here are some of the following being talked about elsewhere...

  1. UKCreativeWriter

    Chicken Wings

    Meat Loaf

    Baskin & Robbins - 'America's Birthday Cake' Ice Cream

    Pepsi Soda (all kind including diet)

    Any Carbonated Drinks

    Hot Dogs and Pork n Beans

    BBQ Ribs

    (Any Fattening BBQ)

    Replacement Foods for the above coming soon !

  2. UKCreativeWriter
    In Reality, It's Not Really The Foods Altogether, Rather The Amounts We Can Ingest Correct?

    The only things different for me at 3.5 weeks post-op is eliminating literally all fattening foods from my diet as I already ate Turkey Dogs, Baked White

    Chicken Breast, Lean Deli Meats, and so on. And while the amounts were serving sizes, my previous injuries prohibited me from exercising the way I

    wanted to. Anyone else want to share any type of food funeral they may have had?

    Mine was IHOP Eggs and 2 pancakes and 2 slices of bacon. That was about it for me. My one sinful meal a month LOL.

    Share your story that we might be amused.
  3. EverLearning
    I find I am doing mine right now and feel almost scared to be hungry once the pre op diet starts! 5 days and counting down
    Taco Time Chips, cheese and enchilada sauce
    Peanut M-n-M's
    I am planning chicken enchilada's and carrot cake from a favorite restaurant this weekend
    pumpkin chocolate chip bread - totally addicting
    Microwave popcorn
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