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What's the hardest thing now? Keeping it off? Or keeping it coming off? Lol

  1. UKCreativeWriter
    4th day post op. Still in pain. Doing walking.
    Nothing seems to be happening yet.

    Any words of wisdom?
  2. BillyJ
    What are you expecting to happen? You still have air in you. You need to continue walking and continue sipping. Get as much fluid in you as you can. I am only 3 months out so I am no expert. I can only tell you what worked for me. The walking and the sipping worked. Remember you just had major surgery and your body is in shock because part of it is missing. Give yourself time to heal.
  3. Dutch
    I agree, I had surgery 6 days ago and I was so full of Gas and fluids I GAINED 20 lbs!!! I am sipping and walking but tire quickly. I have lost most of the excess fluid now but still waiting on the FART of the century to get this extremely painful gas GONE!!!
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