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60 years old

  1. mamarella
    Hi, I'm being sleeved on October 20, 2014. I just turned 61 and want to know if there are other people out there who are in my age range.
  2. Fae
    Hello. I turned 61 in July, was sleeved on 9-25-14, so I'm 16 days post-op. I lost 9 pounds on the pre-op diet, 14 pounds post-op, total 23 pounds. Just ate a scrambled egg, maybe a TBSP and a half of applesauce to get my morning meds down. Now I'm too full, had a small tummy ache (which is gone now, thankfully)somewhat nauseated. Eggs for breakfast have made me a little nauseated in the past, so that might account for the nausea. I'm glad I had the surgery, I'm pleased with my progress so far. The applesauce was probably a no-no because it has a little fiber (at my first post-op visit I got my new diet sheet. I asked why grapes were not allowed. Answer: they have fiber. We don't want the stomach to have to work harder to deal with fiber while it's healing. I guess I'll use yogurt from now on.

    I can imagine that you're eager for the 20th to get here. Good luck with everything.
  3. Ann2
    I'm 68. Was sleeved almost 8 weeks ago. Have lost 20 pounds since surgery and lost 39 pounds since June 2014 (on the surgeon's pre-op diet and my own pre-pre-op diet).

  4. Ema
    I am 63 and was sleeved on 9/13/14. I have lost 20 pounds and have had no problems post-op. We have several "oldies" here, but I don't think very many of us feel old. Welcome to the group!
  5. YaYa
    Hello, I'm 60 years young and getting sleeved on December 8. It's nice to read posts about "older" experiences.
  6. dawnjohn90
    Hello, I had my sleeve Aug 12, 2014. I just turned 50 this week and I feel as if I've stalled. Haven't lost anything in ages although I am down a total of 28 lbs. I have PCOS (insulin resistance) and at this 3-4 month mark I am a bit freaked out by the hairloss. I didn't have much to begin with and this is awful. I thought I could handle it if I was losing weight but this stall has me thinking it wasn't worth it. Does this pass does anyone know? Anyone else with PCOS? Thanks and good luck to all on your journey.
  7. Ann2
    Sorry to hear about your stall, Dawn. I hope you don't mind me asking -- how many calories / protein grams per day are you typically eating?

    FYI, I'm typically eating 800 calories / 60-80 grams protein. Yesterday was my three-month surgiversary, and I've lost 32 pounds post-op (only 4 pounds more than you). Prior to surgery I lost 19 pounds - a grand total of 51 pounds thus far.
  8. Champagne
    Are there still people on this forum 60 & older??m I am looking for support through my process. Getting sleeved next week and really need support, folks.....
  9. kshaffer
    I'm 60 and getting sleeved March 10, 2017.
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