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Technically, I'm not 60 or over but I will be in 2 months....

  1. Beth Pets
    Beth Pets
    so I didn't see much point in joining 50 and Over only to age out in December. The thought of my date expiring makes me feel like sour milk I have been preparing myself by telling everyone I'm 60 so that when it actually happens I'll be used to it already. I hope you don't mind.
  2. Karenh
    I thought the same thing, 60 in April
  3. NCME
    63 here and loving the new me.
    My husband messed up Mothers Day by giving me a Starbucks coffee card and a McDonalds gift card.

    He just got back from turning them in. I need to kiss his pride. It's been hurt.. I gues it takes a village to

    Eat on a sleve.
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