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Options in TJ

  1. ddavis4124
    Looking into choices in TJ. I am confused about which hospital and what doctor to choose. Thanks
  2. Romaniangel
    So was I, I researched for a while before I made my decision. I went with Dr Elias Ortiz through a lighter me and was at hospital mi doctor. I definitely recommend him, the whole lighter me team are all fantastic people! They took care of all my concerns and questions before, during and after surgery!
  3. Jphat
    I went through Dr Ismael Cabrera at Hospital MiDoctor. Very good hospitality.
  4. Jacobcat
    I had Dr. Almanza and was more than pleased with him and his entire staff
  5. PDX Kelli
    PDX Kelli
    I am curious about this as well. I have been in contact with WLA and Dr Almanza's team. What was the pricing for Lighter Me?
  6. patrikian
    I'm going with Dr. Alamanz. Have heard a lot of good things about him and his team. I meet him tomorrow. Let you know what he's like in person
  7. Rades69
    Good Day Everybody,
    After extensive research on all the doctors, facilities and aftercare in TJ, I went with Dr. Ariel Ortiz. He is not the cheapest, nor the most expensive, but he is the most recognized doctor globally on WLS. Dr. Ortiz was appeared on Nightline, Oprah as well as being in Forbes magazine. Dr. Ortiz has his own facility (not in a strip mall) and the accommodations are at the Marriott where 5 star. Hope this helps anyone looking into TJ.
  8. Labecca
    I am going to Dr. Alamanz. I have a friend who used Dr. Ortiz at the Obesity Center. Those were my two choices.
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