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Choices in Mexico

  1. ddavis4124
    Looking into getting the Sleeve in Mexico. I am confused which hospital and which surgeon. Any input would be appreciated.
  2. Tink8
    I'm scheduled with dr. Osuna through mexico bariatric center November 1st go look at there website they have a lot of good information on it.
  3. SweetDejavu
    Dr Quinones 4 me Nov 14th! I am soooo excited!
  4. babybel86
    I am scheduled oct. 24th with Dr. Cabrera at Mexico Bariatric. Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico - Mexico Bariatric Center
  5. francesca
    A lighter me can't be beat!! I would go there again and send anyone and everyone to them dr ortiz and his staff and just everything was taken care of and safe and clean and such great friendly drivers I would go back and do it again
  6. francesca
    I was in the same boat looking and searching and from the first email until now a little over a month out I can call or email and get an answer or just a pep talk from my aftercare. I was helped so much through the whole process. I say from the pick up from Sam Diego by remy I felt like I was with family and Eduardo was there 24/7 just a call away for anything and Abraham the other driver! Not a worry in the world went shopping and walking and great marriott hotel and staff.. Dr ortiz and his partner I can't even say enough about them!! They are so good I hardly had any pain but some gas!! Amazing
  7. Lolo2
    I used dr Joya, he was not cheapest and not most expensive. He uses two hospitals both are very nice, with private rooms. I also liked that it was in puerto Vallarta. Would do it over again and have recommended him to others, he has done patients of all sizes.
  8. jpayne
    I went thru Be Lite Weight and had my surgery at Star Medica Hospital in Juarez. The hospital and staff were very nice. The area was a nice area in Mexico. I used Dr Rodriquez (not sure of spelling). The hardest part for me was going into surgery and they were speaking mexican instead of English so I didn't really know what was going on. That is a strange feeling.
  9. Dawzow
    Dr. Elias Ortiz was my surgeon... Had surgery last February. I had a fantastic experience with a lighter me and I would recommend them to anyone!
  10. llburbach
    I went through weightlossagents.com and had my surgery with Dr. Almanza.
  11. RonaB
    I am seriously researching my choice to have sleeve surgery done in Mexico. My stereotpying never had me consider it in the past. But after having talked to someone who recently had the surgery down there, I started my browsing of the web...There are so many choices..
    I have seen the raving reviews online in forums and videos, with glowing reviews. In the research of Dr. Ortiz through ALighterMe, I came across Dr. Ariel Ortiz from the Obesity Control Center (OCC), then I started researching him. I am torn right now, both have great reviews and then it comes down to price, a difference of $1500. I can see researching is just making my head spin more. It seems like you get more personal attention from the 'brokers", I just don't know. I plan on self paying, so I have a little more time to decide. Guess I will continue to read on...
  12. Stacy'sSleevedLife
    I had my surgery with Dr. Sergio Quinones January 12, 2013 and I could not have asked for a better surgeon or experience. Dr. Quinones does all his surgeries in a private surgical cent, he only performs 3 surgeries daily, he speaks perfect English and is Proctor Certified. If you would like anymore information on Dr. Quinones please feel free to message me.
  13. judyvsgx2
    Quinones is worst of the worst! There are 2 coordinator's on here, read past post^^^. Choose for yourself, if you pm you will get sold hog wash!!! Sorry but it's do true!!! Look at my old post, you will see. A lighter me or anywhere else. There are many of us who were botched by Quinones. Choose for yourself!!! Pray on it, don't choose right away!!! Do it right!
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