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Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela

  1. babybel86
    Hey sleevers!
    Has anyone had their surgery done with Dr. Valenzuela in TJ? I am about to schedule my surgery and I have the same feeling as many others. Scared and worried. I've done research on her but haven't seen any bloggers who have used her. Any insight is much appreciated!!
  2. Denni
    Hi. I'm having my surgery with her in 8 days. In 2012 she was the top rated bariatric surgeon there. She has another Doctor who works with her in a team. My coordinator is an R.N. She and her daughter had surgery themselves with Dr. Valenzuela. Theirs were very successful. I'm told that none of this doctor's patients have had any serious complications.
    When are you having surgery? If I have mine first, I'll let you know how it goes. Best wishes!
  3. babybel86
    Denni, I am waiting to hear back from my coordinator and have not heard anything back. I wanted to schedule for 10/24. I think we may have the same coordinator. Cindy??
    Any information you can give me about you surgery is greatly appreciated!! I'm nervous and scared. I've seen many success stories and Cindy told me her complication rate is >1%, but I'm still nervous
  4. Denni
    Hi . I understand about being scared and nervous! As soon as I'm done and able to e-mail I'll let you know how it goes. Yes, Cindy is my coordinator. She's sweet and encouraging but she's not easy to get ahold of. I have several pressing questions myself right now and can't get answers from her. She's in Mexico but she said she'd respond a couple days ago. I think they need more coordinators who are familiar with the cases because people really need to have contact...especially as surgery draws near.
    I'm close to half way through my pre-surgery diet. It's not as hard as I thought. I think being able to have a salad with protein each day makes it easier than those who have to have only protein shakes. The shakes that taste best to me are Premier Protein shakes from Costco. I never thought I'd think of sugar free jello or a popsickle as being decadent!
    Someone somewhere said the only question you have to ask yourself when trying to decide about this surgery is "do you believe you'll be healthier with the surgery than without it?" My answer was a resounding yes. Plus, it'd be fun to buy smaller, prettier clothes!
    I hope that your anxiety dissipates. I suspect almost all of us have it. Take good care and I'll be in touch after I know more. :-)
  5. meisenlord
    I had my surgery with Dr. Valenzuela in Nov of 2013. Marvelous job, excellent care by her and her team. Was a snap recovery and I have lost 85 lbs so far. She was expecting a baby when she did my surgery. Anyway, don't hesitate! She knows what she is doing!
  6. meisenlord
    Oh and Cindy is marvelous. I still email her once in a while to see how she is doing..
  7. Fast Eddie
    Fast Eddie
    I'm now on for Dr. V on November 14th!
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