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Friday weighin 9/19/2014

  1. Aquafinaflo
    my weight this Friday is 195. I'm bouncing around on these 2lbs. I was at 194 earlier this week, but I guess it's this water retention. Have a wonderful Friday.
  2. kgguess210
    Hello Friday weigh in 142. I have gained weight since Monday also but I gained 3 pounds. My starting weight before surgery 210
  3. Aquafinaflo
    That's great. Like myself those few pounds could just be water.
  4. Seahawksfan
    Good morning! Sounds like everybody is seeing good number today. My weigh in is 155. I also spoke with a trainer and he recommended adding 10 pounds of muscle over six months, I really like being in the 50s so I'm not sure how I feel about that. :/. Hope everybody has a great Friday!
  5. Nick Nic
    Nick Nic
    Just got my sleeve 7/28, down 51 lbs but I'm at a stall now.....
  6. bpulli1
    183 this morning.
  7. BillyJ
    290 this morning. Down 46. Surgery 7/15. I am doing Aqua Zumba and group exercise at the YMCA. Have a great weekend.
  8. Sleeved W Pfynss
    Sleeved W Pfynss
    I am afraid to get on the scale! Please bare with me. I had my procedure 2 weeks ago (9/4/14) and I really don't want t o be disappointed. I will weigh in NEXT Friday.

  9. southernchick
    Still 110 pounds lost....I think I need to up my exercise
  10. Songstress
    199, been fluctuating all week
  11. Aquafinaflo
    Sleeved W Pfynss don't be afraid of the scale. You'll have more nsv than you can imagine. It's new to a lot of us. i'm 7mons post op as of Thursday. After about the 2nd month I realized that even though the scale wasn't moving I lost a ton of inches. If i'm not mistaking , and i'd have to check, but I think that 2nd month I lost only 11 lbs, but I lost like 17 1/2 inches also. The scale is just a number. Everyone is doing great. If anyone else wants to chime in, it's never to late.
  12. bpulli1
    UGH, went to New Orleans over the weekend and gained 3 pounds. How do you gain 3 pounds in one weekend? Disgusted.
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