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Note for Encouragement

  1. itsjusmycize
    Hello, everyone. Thought I would post a note in hopes of encouraging someone here who has a similar journey. My wife and I were sleeved on 9/11/14. She was sleeved but we are one so when she was sleeved , I was sleeved as well. Allow me to speak here; .... so many times in our lives, we seem to find ourselves facing situations that seem impossible to overcome. However, after all that we have gone through, God continues to be faithful to us and see us through; { That is to the Believers}.... even His Grace remains sufficient for the unbelievers...
    God has not brought us this far to leave us. Can we take a moment to look back? Can we remember where we were just a week ago? ..a month ago? how about yesterday?.... can we remember the pain and heartache ...the tears a self sorrow that once weighed us down even weighed so heavy on our spirit? And here we are TODAY.... alive and well. Are we healed? We claim the victory in the name of JESUS! For those of us who believe but have little faith, God has set our paths and guided our feet to meet the wonderful and talented Doctors who He has chosen to work through, in order to fix and mend our broken and battered bodies. Not only is God mending our bodies, He is also mending our minds and our hearts. And let us not forget, undeserved suffering is redemptive. And if we would continue to humble ourselves, God will lift us up. He is faithful to finish the work that He has started in our lives. Be still and wait with patience on the Lord. The race is not given or won by the swift or the strong, but to those who endure to the end. The hardship we all endure now will pass soon... and then there will be joy in the morning.
  2. Mrsdez
    Beautiful! Thank you for this!
  3. Claudia B
    Claudia B
  4. glorybeesleeved
    Thank you for this.What a blessing your words from God's word are.I am so glad to find other Christ followers,in the process.I want all that I do, on this journey,to point to Jesus,because without Him,none of this would be possible.
  5. Renee N.
    Renee N.
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