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***SPECIAL OFFER*** Protein Variety Pack for Just $3 Dollars!

  1. BeenGym'n
    Hey Guys & Gals!

    Gotein.com is offering a Protein Variety Pack for just $3 Dollars! There on the go protein shakes are packed with 24 essential vitamins!

    Just add water and Enjoy!

    To Take advantage of this Awesome Offer Click on the Link Below:
    Sample Pack

    Please post feedback about how this offer worked out for you!

    I hope everyone is able to take advantage of this Awesome Offer!

    I will continue to post Grrreat offers daily so please join the group so you can take advantage of these Awesome Deals!


  2. Chynadll23
    What's the website for this? How do we order the variety pack for $3?
  3. BeenGym'n
    You just click on the link that says Sample Pack or go to gotein.com!

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  4. Joy48
    Okay I ordered the sample pack will let you know how it taste . Happy journey !
  5. Joy48
    Got my samples not bad,mixes easy and doesn't have that chalky taste.
  6. BeenGym'n
    @joy48 Yay!! So happy you like them! I think they taste pretty good too!!
  7. ABetterBrandi
    Thanks for your links, keep em coming!
  8. Kbear10 _ 99
    Kbear10 _ 99
    Thank You. Ordered mine.
  9. HHMama
    Thank you! I just ordered mine!
  10. dbregina
    i'm from Canada... tells me its $9.95 shipping. Do those in USA get the same charge?
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