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Surgery date July 21st with Dr almanza...anyone else here the same as me

  1. dace873
  2. Alanna goat farmer
    Alanna goat farmer
    yes we have the same doctor too...how many days pre-op do you have to do...also my mom is coming with me, I was going to go by myself but she said she would come with...
  3. Time2Trim
    I fly in on the 21st with surgery scheduled for the 22nd also with Dr. A. Surely we will cross paths. I can't wait!
  4. Alanna goat farmer
    Alanna goat farmer
    yes me too...very excited to get the new life started!!!
  5. Tracylee
    I go for my surgery on August 21. How are you feeling after your surgery?
  6. 00Shae
    Where did you have this surgery? And how did it go?! I hope all is well
  7. mariavp

    I am thinking to have the sleeve and I live in Edmonton. How long did you wait for the surgery? How are you feeling after the surgery? Any regrets?

    Thank you,
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