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How's everyone doing?

  1. Metread
    Hope you are all on track and doing great! I am so happy with my decision to have the sleeve. I am 26 lbs from my goal; a weight I haven't seen in well over 25 years. Life is great!
  2. Bnbdaddy
    I am doing great. I do have an issue throwing up. When I eat I get nauseous. I might be eating too fast, but not eating too much. Ideas?
  3. Metread
    I vomit once a week or so, but it's due to eating too fast or too much, I think.
  4. Lolo2
    I'm plugging along, am beyond happy. I am a rarity I think in that I never weigh myself. The number never makes me happy so like even today I had someone comment on how much thinner I look, last time I weighed myself was May 7, my clothes are smaller, feel healthy and can eat what ever I want, just do a mental chk for water and protein.
  5. natex14
    I have been doing great. I have yet to throw up this whole time, so I'mt thankful for that. I'm still training for my 100 mile bike ride, that is next Saturday. Today I rode 80 miles, so I would think that means I'm doing pretty good, or just a little crazy.

    It's good to see the progress from people around the same time. I just updated my picture for the 3rd time and that felt good.
  6. thinmeskreamin
    Doing good. Down 67 lbs total with about 40 or so to go. Was hoping to be down another 15 lbs by July 4th but not gonna make that. Stalled hard twice this month. I'm being good and finally exercising. Anxiously awaiting goal weight.. eventually get there. . No throwing up. Have had some pretty good reflux reactions acid reducer helps. So does eating wet foods. I don't do breads or really any starchy carbs yet. Unless there's a cupcake at a party and I own it LOL. Then back on track
  7. phd
    I'm down about 60+/- lbs., with 40 to go to hit goal but last couple weeks have been tough. I have discovered that I can tolerate foods I wish I couldn't and am having trouble staying under 800 cals./day. I usually hit between 900-1100 which I know isn't "high" per se, but I also know I need to be under 800 to continue a steady weight loss. I am doing too many carbs though still getting in the protein (via shakes). Anyone have advice on how to "do" this post-surgery lifestyle while being a vegetarian?
  8. Chonda
    sleeved on 2/17 have felt great ever since. Just the other day felt my first "sick" feeling as I ate something sweet I shouldn't have. Lesson learned..Have not had any complications.. Just the typical hair loss... I run/walk anywhere from 12 to 18 miles a week and try to complete at least two 5k's a month. As of yesterday I'm down 78 lbs since my pre op diet. I would like to at least lose another 70 lbs but I'll be content and happy if I only lose another 50lbs..
  9. Bnbdaddy
    When do most people start losing hair?
  10. Metread
    Be baddy, mine started around 3 months out.
  11. StacyD
    Hi February sleevers! Can you believe it's been 4 months so far. I was sleeved 2/10 and its been a great ride so far. Small amt of hair loss but that's not to say it wont start to drop a bit more before it levels off. Weight loss is 64 pounds. I am off my blood pressure meds, my risk of diabetes is gone, my good cholesterol is going up and the bad is going down. Health was my main purpose of getting this and I have to say it has been wonderful. If I don't lose another pound it wouldn't bother me. If I did want to lose more it would probably be around 35 more. I have to watch boredom eating which is an old habit. I find as long as I'm busy - food is not even a consideration.
    I am so proud of all of us who have taken this journey. So bravo to us!!!
  12. mkrider
    and when will the hair stop falling?? arggh!
  13. Neet
    I am down 45 lbs. and am eating from 800-900 calories daily. I eat at least 60 grams protein daily, healthy vegetables, salad, no white carbs (potatoes, pasta, rice or bread) and get 6-8 glasses of water in daily. I eat a bite of dessert now and then. I guess I am slower in losing than most for two reasons- I am 70 years old and have a mental block against exercise! Oh, and I love a couple of glasses of red wine on Saturday night!
    But the inches are melting off. Down from four blood pressure pills to one, A1c is 5.3, and cholesterol is down from 296 to 165! So happy for all of us on this forum and it is never too late to get healthy!
  14. rxtech932002
    im currently down 74 lbs and 10 lbs from onederland and 26 lbs from 100 lbs lost and 74 till goal Ive been in physical therapy due to to tendonitis in both knees so I haven't been able to exercise as much as I would like. I went from a size 26-28 to size 18. I don't regret my decision at all to have the sleeve.
  15. Metread
    Hola Feb. people! I hope this finds you all well. I'm loving my sleeve! Just shy of 9 months and I have lost 114lbs... 4 lbs below my goal weight. Best thing I've ever done. Happy Halloween!
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