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Stitches question

  1. CookieHead
    I had my surgery on Monday and of my 5 incision points, 3 are flat while 2 look like my skin was pinched before it was stitched up. Does this mean it could heal bumpy? The scar part is flat, just the skin around it is bunched up under the stitches. It's not red, it is normal color so I don't think it is swollen.
  2. BladeFox
    I have the same thing over the bigger incision and a smaller one. I have heard that in time they will flatten.
  3. julrs13
    At almost 6 months out I can barely see mine. They are flesh color and flat. I would much rather have a flat tummy than a perfect tummy without these tiny scars. Don't worry, they will heal.
  4. dyberrah
    After they are closed completely, keep them moisturized (twice/day) and that will help reduce the scarring.
  5. Kathysangels
    I swear by Vitamin E on my scars. I have had a lot of surgeries in the past, and have used it for them; you can hardly see any of my surgical scarring.
  6. CookieHead
    Thanks, all
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