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does any one here have BCBS/BMI 41

  1. terribrown71
    Just wondering if anyone had the same insurance and BMI to compare approvals. I don't know what their BMI requirement is for approval.
  2. Saulady
    I have BCBS and my bmi was either 41/42 and I was approved but I also have sleep apnea, osteoarthritis and Muscular Dystrophy. Good Luck any more ? let me know.
  3. Shellybelle72
    I had BMI 39.8 with high BP and sleep apnea. I have Horizon on NJ and didn't have a problem
  4. terribrown71
    I only have high bp and joint pain. Just scared I'll get denied I guess.
  5. msihavehadenough
    I have bcbs bmi 40 no other issues got approved after 6 month supervised weight program
  6. thinmeskreamin
    I was 42/41 bmi. No co morbidities.Knew after a 6 month supervised weight loss I wouldn't be, and ran the risk of being turned down. Also knew this was what I wanted. With deductible and copay I would be close to 5 grand out of pocket. Soooo chose a reputal surgeon in Mexico and am on the journey doing great. Good luck with your journey.
  7. terribrown71
    Thanks everyone..the info helped.
  8. rycurll
    I have BCBS. My BMI is 48 and I have hip/joint pain. High cholesterol too. No other issues. I'm hoping the BMI on it's own will be high enough for the approval. I'm in month 2 of my 6-month waiting period that they require. August 4 is my last PCP appt so hopefully that approval will go through at lightening speed. I am the most impatient person I know! If they deny it I'm finding a way to fund it on my own. This is mandatory for me at this point.
  9. Melissa2
    I have BCBS BMI around 42 I was approved in 1 day after submitted to insurance once I completed all requirements. 6 month diet with family doctor , Psycho Evaluation and Informational meeting. I also had to attend at least one support group but that was my clinics requirement. Good Luck ..
  10. Sharivsg
    I have a BMI of 47 and have back and hip problems, including asthmatic. I just started this journey and trying to get referral from Doctor. Hopefully on the 8th of April can see surgeon and start this ride. Went to informational consultation meeting, nutritionist and a lot of xrays.
  11. ssc22880
    BMI was 52 high blood pressure, PCOS, sleep problems. was approved in 3 days. Psyh evaluation, nutrionist appointment, and one support group per the surgeon. blood work and drs PCP letter
  12. ms64jones
    My BMI is 40.5. I'm getting sleeved tomorrow 4/22.
  13. reinventme
    Plans vary based on employer but standard is 40 without healthrisks and 35 with healthrisks. Reflux or arthritis may count as well as sleep apnea. Fresenius bcbs is pathetic so i will self pay for 12,000
  14. Metread
    I have BCBS of GA. 257 pre op weight BMI of 40. No apnea, no med supervised diet required. I did have a hernia repaired at the same time. My approval and pr surgery requirements were very easy compared to some.
  15. forevertysh
    I have BCBS and my BMI was 40 with NO comorbidities and I got approved. so.... (:
  16. brownas5
    I have BCBS and BMI 41 with no comorbities except astham and I got approved today. :-)
  17. moechae
    I have BCBS il with vmi 36 and got approved
  18. RehabNurse
    I have BC/BS of Texas and was approved with a BMI of 37 plus one comorbidity (dyslipidemia).
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