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Anyone going to Mexico?

  1. GA_Girl
    Hello everyone! Is there anyone going to Mex in May or June? I'm looking for a buddy. I don't want to end up with just anybody they put me with
  2. MissBee
    Im going may 1 my surgery is may 2 im going with my sis but we can still meet each other get it done around the same date.
  3. Ready2live87
    Hi!! I'm having my surgery June 1st by Dr. Alejandro Lopez in Tijuana Mexico (Specialized Bariatrics) I'm traveling alone and would love to have a buddy as well :-)
  4. mwaller81
    I'm flying into Tijuana Mexico on May 14th and getting sleeved on the 15th at Hospital Jerusalem.
  5. buzymomof3
    I fly into Tijuana may 14th and my surgery is on the 15th with Dr. Elias Ortiz through A Lighter Me! Im coming from Florida but my BFF lives in Seattle and said that she would like to be there for me...she still hasn't purchased a ticket so until that happens im going alone
  6. Phoenixrise
    There us a group surgery buddies seer if anyone else is going that time or that doctor when you go
  7. yepitsme10
    I am going but I am also looking for a surgery buddy, do u know any?
  8. RonaB
    I too plan on going to Mexico in December. Insurance will only cover if you have two obesity problems. I have sleep apnea, but I am sure that will go away once I lose weight. I am going alone, only told my BFF and sister. They understand, even said they will wait to see how it works out for me and then they might go. Figured I would go when I take my holiday time off, sneak away for five days and come back. Haven't figured out how the Xmas dinner is going to work out, trying to explain why I am not eating anything. Rest of family would not understand doing the WLS thing. I don't know if anyone is like me, but I have tried the diets. Tired of always being big. Son out of house now and It's time to get ME back. I read these boards faithfully.and take away so much from you that are going through the journey already. And I appreciate there are others out there just like me.
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