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pre-op liquid diet and shakes

  1. meme_mayham
    how soon should i start my liquid diet and what are some recommended shakes? is Visalus good to use? what were ur exact instructions? i go in June, and im 341, weighed today
  2. joatsaint
    I started out at 375. I had the Sleeve and was put on the liquid diet 1 week pre-op. From what I've read, it's more common to be on a 2 week liquid pre-op diet, but I guess it varies per doctor. I've only tried 3 kinds of protein shakes (and only the chocolate flavor) - Premier Protein, EAS Carb Control and Muscle Milk. By far the best tasting one I found was Premier Protein chocolate. It was one of the cheapest at $1.75 per shake. I get them by the dozen at Sam's Club.

  3. secretblonde
    premier in now making a vanilla!!! and its delicious!!! good luck !!!
  4. Romaniangel
    GNC has some really good shakes, they are the lean shakes with 25g of protein chocolate is my favorite
  5. Girliegreeneye
    My dr said start shakes 2 weeks prior to surgery. I found a really good vegan protein shake by searching google, 36 grams of protein, and nothing you would worry about putting in your body because it is totally organic.
  6. CookieHead
    I have to do 3 days preop diet of liquids.
    I bought premier choc based in reviews but not planning to try it until I have to.
  7. DoinWork
    I have a 2 week pre-op diet. But I was relieved to hear its protein and water by day and I small (10 oz) food dinner. I am useing premier shakes, taste just like vanilla slimfast from back in the day and has 30g protein. Good luck!!
  8. msihavehadenough
    I have to do a 2 week pre op as well. i go on the 18th of this month to a diet class. I am supposed to start March 25
  9. jaj3117
    My date is 3/18 this the 4th day in and i can't take it my doctor didn't give me the option of any dinner just shakes and water,,,,, sooooooooo hard
  10. 56Chevy
    Saw dietician yesterday to start pre-op. Surgery April 2! I had Premier with me. She told me only 2 per day. I asked about Muscle Milk Light and she said NO. Reason being some of the commercial protein shakes have trace metals. Such as Arsenic. Even though their a great price right now at Costco I won't be buying anymore.
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