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Primary care physician tips?

  1. hanna90
    As of the end of this month I'll have insurance through my work with United Healthcare, PPO Choice Plus. My plan specifically excludes all bariatrics (go figure). Anyways, since I'm going to be having surgery in Mexico, it's been recommended that I find a primary care physician for my follow up after care. I've been trying to find a PCP through the UHC website which is extremely confusing and difficult to navigate and furthermore, I have no information about the doctors besides their name and place of practice and when I google the doctor's name there are only a couple of patient reviews on them, if any at all. If anyone has any PCP recommendations in Los Angeles county please let me know. Or if anyone has any good tips on how to search for a PCP, that would be very helpful as well. I live in Sun Valley but am willing to drive a ways for a good doctor. Sorry if these are dumb questions but this will be my first time having insurance and I'm finding the whole process very confusing.
  2. BelindaK
    I'm in the very same process, but my insurance is Blue Cross/Anthem. I almost wish I'd waited till after the new year to have my surgery, just in case they covered the sleeve. Oh well...
  3. lchein
    Make sure to check everywhere on the insurers' website because most have some reviews of Dr.s by other patients. It may not jump out at you so you could ask about reviews from your insurer also. Good Luck!!
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