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Almost "just" overweight

  1. mrsjoe
    When I started this process, my BMI was 32.5. I was sleeved 3 days ago. With the pre-op diet and the weight loss in just those three days, I just realized that when I lose one more pound, I will not longer have an obese BMI - I will have moved just barely into the overweight category. Do you know how long it's been since I was "just" overweight and not obese? It's exciting, and I didn't expect it to happen so fast after surgery.

    Once my diet can progress to soft foods and more normal eating, I fully expect the weight loss to slow down drastically, but for right now I'm just enjoying the moment.
  2. kendraavant_ortiz
    It's exciting to see yourself move closer to healthy! Good job!!! Your goal is within reach!!
  3. Pooky
    Good for you! That's got to be a great feeling!
  4. mwaller81
    I know it's exciting. The lbs. are going to drop away month to month.
  5. 2014 change
    2014 change
    Hello low BMI sleevers my BMI is 32 and I am considering the surgery I also was wondering how is the weightloss controlled I have read several post but most are of higher BMI than this group any respond would be helpful
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