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Just so you have a idea...

  1. Rbarnzie
    Well I'm here in Tijuana at Marriott checked in and ready for my surgery in the morning. Orlando picked us up at airport and went to hospital to have pre-op done. Hospital is clean and staff is friendly. Im now in my hotel room and let me just say WOW!!! I am so impressed by how friendly the staff is and how amazing this hotel is. I would say one of the nicest I have stayed at. I'm still very nervous but just anxious to get it over with. I met another sleever at airport and we road together to hospital and hotel. It does make you feel like you are not alone when someone is going to experience the same thing. I will update as soon as I am able to so goodnight all...
  2. Lolo2
    Good luck, you will do great.
  3. Luann
    My good wishes for a speedy & easy recovery. Isn't the Marriott beautiful? It totally surpassed all my expectations. I'd love to have a reason to return to that hotel someday, for a real vacation.
  4. AlwaysTpooh
    Im here at the Marriott now I leave in the morning.
  5. Ty_Edwards
    Good luck and welcome to the sleeved side!!
  6. apricot41
    Hi guys. I just had surgery today. I am at INT hospital. Let me know if you come here and I can come visit tomorrow if you want good luck!
  7. thinmeskreamin
    Have a great recovery.
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