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Alternative pain meds?

  1. MELR
    I have a very high sensitivity and allergy to most of the "codeine" based drugs. Morphine, dilaudid, tramodol make me ITCH badly, plus tramadol doesn't even work well. Tylenol with codeine, hydrocodone makes me vomit and dry heave and hives (basically makes me very ill). My surgeon's nurse has called in meds for me (I live in another state), 4 of which are for nausea. I called their office and the nurse said that hydrocodone and tramodol are the only ones she was authorized to call in. I was given the physician assistant's email to give her details. Oh, my surgery is still 40 days away, but I am trying to make sure I have adequate pain meds for afterwards. I know everyone's pain tolerance is different but, for me historically, I don't do well with pain. My sis has had this surgery and has many of the same allergies/sensitivities to the same meds. She was given liquid Loritab and said she did okay with it. My most recent experience with dilaudid caused immediate itching and I had to be given benedryl and was told to list that as an allergy too (I don't think it is a true allergy but just an extreme sensitivity).

    Also, my surgeon uses a "pain ball"? I guess it is a tube of lidocaine type med that is inserted into your wound on the left side of the abdomen because that wound is most painful. I've read that people usually can't wait to get that out. Any experiences with that?

    I'm not quite sure how the whole group thing works so I apologize if this is posted in the wrong place or if it is not succint enough to make sense. I am kind of scatter-brained right now.

  2. newclear
    My surgeon actually didn't prescribe any narcotic pain killers for me. I had strong pain meds the day of and morning after surgery before I was discharged. I was prescribed supradol, which to me, didn't do anything. I think it's mainly because I had quite a bit of gas related cramping my first 2 days post op. I'm not sure the effectiveness of narcos on that.

    The area where the tube for my drain entered my abdomen was covered by gauze and taped around, so I never had access to it. The 5 of us who did surgery the same day talked a lot about pain, and it came down to soreness and gas cramps. I was the youngest person in the group at 28 years and the oldest person was 68. I'm not sure if that's considered abnormal for our group, but we didn't need it and I've seen several posts on folk who stopped taking strong meds because they did nothing for them (which I'm guessing may have been gas). Gasx strips, walking, broth and tea were my greatest pain relievers. If I had the narc option, I'd pass. Like you, I have a history from throwing or nausea from it. Good luck!
  3. GarnersGirl
    My doctor also uses the pain ball. Most of the people with the pain ball have little or no pain with the ball, and can take Tylenol after it is removed. I am really excited that my doc uses this. I work in the medical field, and all my patient that have ever had this pain control device experienced little to no pain at all. I was also told to use a heating pad, move early and frequently, and use a pillow over your tummy when you cough.
  4. EsTeRap
    My doc does not use any narcotic pain meds and i don't believe they are needed. On the day of my surgery 11 of us were sleeved and as we all were going to get xrays together 2 days later, no one was in pain...
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