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How did you tell your friends & family about deciding to get surgery in Mexico?

  1. hanna90
    Getting major surgery in Mexico, let alone Tijuana, sounds crazy to someone who hasn't done a ton of research. I am so excited and hopeful about my surgery there, but I'm afraid that if and when I tell my loved ones, they will try to talk me out of it. How did you guys break it to friends & family and how did you deal with it if they disapproved? I'm contemplating just not even telling anyone at all. Thoughts?
  2. amayzme
    I didn't tell anyone and don't expext to. mostly i didn't want any negativity or " oh just exercise" advice. As of today i am 185# from 220# in a bit over 8 weeks.
  3. CookieHead
    Ditto. I didn't tell.
  4. karenl3
    I didn't tell anyone in my family besides my kids and hubby. My mom and sister have no idea and I don't ever plan on telling them. The friends I did tell were very, very supportive.
  5. Rbarnzie
    That is the exact reason non of my family knows except my husband... When ever someone here's Mexico they think you are crazy. I have done all my research and even had two close friends go to A lighter Me and had no issues, they are both doing awesome with no complications. Its the fear that something will go wrong that everyone is so afraid of. Lots of people who get surgery here in the US have complications so it can happen any where. My surgery is Sat and I cant wait to prove everyone wrong about going to Mexico. Good luck to you!!!!
  6. Ginamsnowden
    I told my immediate family and a couple of my closest friends, I assured them that I did TONS of research and then gave them the website for a lighter me as well as this forum. It put them at ease once they looked things over themselves. My mother came with me, and once we got there and she saw the care and the facility she was so happy with my decision.
  7. Rades69
    I think this a question/issue that most of us Mexican Sleevers have experienced. I can only speak for myself, so here we go. I did research to the point of obsessive compulsion about Dr. Ortiz (OCC). Once I felt comfortable about my choice, I told people in my life that truly needed to know which was my son who is at college, my mom and my dad. Originally I was only going to tell my son, but than I thought about how I would have felt if my child didn't have the trust in me to know, so that's when I told my parents. Of course they were concerned (more so with Mexico rather than the procedure itself) I was able to show them YouTube videos and person experience about Dr. Ortiz and the OCC. The fact that Dr. Ortiz is one of the world renowned experts on the sleeve definitely helped. My mom, who at 71 is still very protective over me, talked to Dr. Ortiz twice prior to the surgery and immediately after, he called her in Minnesota. Hope this helps, and if I can be of assistance, please feel free to message me. Good Luck
  8. Lolo2
    I told my mom and that was it, she went with me. We went to puerto vallarta, most people didn't notice I was gone, left on Thursday, surgery on Friday and home Monday back to work Wednesday but I could have gone back on tuesday
  9. hanna90
    Thanks so much for all your responses! It's definitely encouraging that many of you chose to not tell anyone & also that many of you had good experiences when telling others. Thanks so much!!
  10. MissBee
    You take the word right out of my mouth hanna90 I just didn't tell no one but my friends, because I no they were going to support me no matter what but fam I told them I was thinking about it, just to get there feed back, My sister's and bro didn't take it as bad as thought, My mom hell no, I guess every one is going to find out when i come back from mexico, I no thats mean but I got to do what makes me happy!
  11. ShannonB
    When I told my family I was having the surgery they were all very happy and excited for me, and when I told them I was going to Mexico, they looked at me like they thought I was havi,g surgery in the back of a Tijuana bar using a dirty switchblade and tequila in place of anesthesia!
  12. tina2-18-2014
    Only certain family memebers and only about 2 friends know for me... I am just a private person and I did not or DO NOT want anyone to know.. I dont know why, I just dont want to hear any negatives... and the people that I have told I told I have found groups that have had it done there, and their stories and the company that I went threw I researched greatly.

    I also took off Tuesday, had my surgery once I got there Tuesday (late) and then I was back at work on Monday, so I took 4 days off, and no one could even tell at work I had anything done!
  13. BBLovesBB
    Don't tell. Thats why i have a flower for avatar. But if you have to say anything tell them you have a "pee"problem. The doctor had to fix something on your bladder. If they ask why you not eating so much , tell them they found a hiatal hernia and gallstones while fixing your "pee"problem. That's my story and I'm sticking to it if ever asked.lol
  14. jenniferboyd81
    I just tell the truth and have only had one person say they dont support my decision. I am very independent, outspoken and educated. They knew they were not gonna change me, my mind was made up.
  15. Robinsnest
    I have told many people. Everyone has been very supportive. I had 6 people that wanted to go with me to Tijuana. Such a problem to have. I have told anyone that has even asked me at work that wanted to know why I was having surgery. Once they understood that I have my doctors and my neurosurgeon's support ( I have been diagnosed with a brain anyurism, that we are not removing) they are okay. I am a very open person and a strong personality. People tend to think that I have done my homework and they are right. I have many of my friends that now want to go for other reasons. Too funny to me. I told them they just want to spend money.
    I have had a ton of support.
  16. jenniferboyd81
    I think the more confident you are in the decision the more confident others will be. :0) Good luck to you
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