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drainage tube

  1. bride2b2016
    So I understand that after surgery I may need a drainage tube. When I had my appendix removed, I had one in and when the doctor removed it, it was painful. Is it really painful or do they give you medicine or something?
  2. Kimberly50
    I had a tube through my nose, it was uncomfortable, removal gagged me, but was very quick.... Hang in there.
  3. noztammy
    After my sleeve with Dr. Almanza, I had a tube hanging from my stomach. When they removed it there was a funny feeling but no pain.
  4. gregorygirl
    I had no tube.
  5. Dawzow
    I had a drainage tube with a bulb, from. My stomach. No pain on removal, but felt really weird.
  6. Softball2105
    Mine was removed at my follow-up visit a week after surgery. It wasn't painful, just felt weird.
  7. Lusong
    My surgeon doesn't use a drainage tube.
  8. Windy1
    I didn't have a drain either...
  9. bride2b2016
    Oh Okay... Thanks everyone!! I was nervous about it. Still nervous. How many pounds did you lose in the first month???
  10. jacquidaniels
    Great question, I've been wondering this myself about the tube!
  11. phd
    How long did it take to heal after tube was removed? I had surgery 6+ weeks ago and have been packing wound until 3 days ago as it seems to be at the point to let it close. Thoughts? Advice? Experience w/ this?
  12. time4change031113
    eww i kept thinking about that nasty feeling feeling for a few days... ewww
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